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TINC Europe 2018 Materials

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Welcome, Introduction, and Agenda
John Alkemade, AP-Networks
Turnaround Excellence Program
Brad Hase, BP
Benchmarking: Company Rankings, Part I − Turnaround Practices
Bart de Weert, AP-Networks
Benchmarking: Company Rankings, Part II − Turnaround Outcomes
Leon van Hout, AP-Networks
Building and Optimizing the Turnaround Organization
Aura Cuellar, Shell
Optimizing Execution Controls and Tools
Jan Hendrik Bredee, BP
Contract Payment Strategies
Gordon Lawrence, AP-Networks
The Turnaround Performance Paradigm - Turnaround Value Practices
John Alkemade, AP-Networks
Continuous Improvement: The Power of Performance Benchmarking
Pat Toomey, Chevron
Discussion Segment - Interview with Industry Peers
Brett Schroeder, Aura Cuellar, Håkan Hermansson
NaviTrack - Recent and Upcoming Functionality Enhancements
Lindsey Swonke, AP-Networks
Heavy Industry Shutdown (Case Study)
Bart Smulders, Tata Steel
Turnaround Governance
Thashen Pillay, AP-Networks